10 Interesting Facts you Should Know About Coffee

Coffee Facts

As an avid coffee drinker, we cannot wake up until we have consumed a fresh and hot cup of joe first thing in the morning. Some people like espressos, others lattes, whereas breve or Americano is their favorite beverage. Nonetheless, every drink has got its versatile flavor, aroma and deliciousness.

Coffee is well known for its health benefits such as protection against diabetes and lowering the risks of heart failure. However, as the saying goes “Excess of everything is bad”, same is true for coffee as well. In terms of coffee, especially the ones that become coffee addict, too much caffeine content can severely damage the internal organs such as kidneys and liver. That is why we have compiled some of the most fascinating, surprising and interesting facts about coffee for you.

1. Second Largest Commodity in the World

Though it may seem quite surprising, however, it is hundred percent true. Only crude oil, being the largest import/ export merchandise in the world, surpasses coffee. Otherwise, from America to Australia, every country in the world consumes a large amount of coffee. Looking at total market of coffee, it is worth above 100 Billion USD around the globe. That is why along with coffee, hundreds of finest coffee makers are sold around the globe.

2. Coffee and Athletics History

One might think that due to the presence of caffeine content, the coffee has helped athletes. However, it is a true story of 1932, where Brazil didn’t have enough resources to send their athletes for the Olympics at LA. For this purpose, the Brazilian government loaded them in ships that were filled with coffee. The coffee was sold on the way to American ports, which funded their trip.

3. Expresso or Espresso

Among coffee lovers, especially in Italian communities, there is a huge argument for both these terms. Though as for now we know very well that everyone in the world call it Espresso. However, if someone calls it Expresso, they are also not wrong. The reason is Espresso in Italian means “Expressed”, which takes similar meanings for that of Expresso. That is why, still some people around the globe call and know it for Expresso.

4. Coffees Made from Poo

Coffee from poo? How is it possible? As astonished as you are about this fact, we were too at first. Kopi Luwak, which originates from Indonesia is one of the world’s most expensive coffee which is processed from a palm civet. These small animals eat coffee cherries and then process these inside their system, producing coffee beans. Some other less known coffees from animals include Cat, Raccoon, Bird and Elephant than can process coffee beans.

5. Beethoven and Coffee

In the world of symphony and music, who isn’t aware of the magical and enchanted works of Beethoven? There is a globally famous love story of Beethoven and coffee. The worldwide famous German composer was an avid coffee drinker and interestingly for each coffee drink, he used to count 60 coffee beans before making its brew.

6. Who Drinks Most Coffee? Europe vs. America

As an average American spends up to 20$ per day for drinking coffee, therefore, it occurs that America must be the most coffee consuming region. However, interestingly, Europe imports more coffee than USA. Similarly, in terms of coffee exports, Brazil is leading everyone.

7. Coffee – Beans or Fruit

Coffee is processed from coffee beans, which confuses a common person in understanding these as beans. The truth is coffee beans are sort of cherries, occurring in two different colors; red and green. That is why coffee beans are classified as fruit and not beans. If you are confused about coffee powder or coffee grounds, then you should know that using some fixed or portable coffee grinders, the coffee beans are later converted into grounds.

8. Coffee as Food

According to recent discoveries, coffee wasn’t always consumed as a drink. Before people learned about brewing coffee as a drink, several African tribes used to mix coffee berries with animal fats and then consume it as a whole food.

9. Health Benefits of Coffee

Though excessive caffeine may hurt your liver, however, consuming coffee in a moderate form has numerous health benefits. Regular drinking a single coffee cup can provide protection against a number of illnesses such as cancer and heart diseases. However, coming towards coffee machines selection, you should always go for plastic-free coffee makers to avoid any health issues due to plastics. 

10. Coffee Consumption

Coming towards coffee consumption, you will be astonished to know that every day up to 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed. As compared to 1.7 billion coke products, the consumption of coffee is quite heavy.

Facts about Coffee – Wrap Up

Looking at such interesting and surprising facts about coffee, one should be astonished about the real essence of coffee. These are just some main facts, if you keep on discovering, you will see an eternity in the coffee universe.

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