Bomb Blast in Anarkali, Lahore

The detonation was caused by a bomb placed on a motorcycle

Bomb Blast In Lahore
Image : DAWN

Officials stated on Thursday that a bomb in Pan Mandi in the Anarkali area killed two persons and injured 26 others.

Three people were killed in the incident, according to a police narrator. Although Lahore Capital City Police Officer spokesman Mubashir Hussain later acknowledged two casualties.

The detonation was caused by a bomb placed on a motorcycle.

On asking witnesses told the bomb was so violent that it damaged several businesses that were nearby. The wounded persons pleaded for aid. While TV footage showed flaming motorcycles in a packed bazaar.

DIG of Lahore Police, Abid Khan told reporters at the scene of the event that the impact of the blast created a crater, indicating that it was triggered by a bomb.

He stated that the technical staff is gathering information. On the grounds of their analysis, they will come to a decision.

Meanwhile, Lahore Deputy Commissioner Umer Sher Chattha said the explosion happened in the last lane of the Anarkali bazaar. The explosive substance was allegedly hidden in a motorcycle that was parked just outside the bank in the neighborhood, according to him.

He also verified that three persons were killed in the blast. He added also that the nature of the blast would be established by the Forensic Science Agency, the government’s forensic science agency.

Besides, two of the injured were in critical condition. while the other injured are being treated at Mayo Hospital.

Further, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar directed the Inspector General of Police to file a report on the matter. He also ordered officials to offer the best possible medical care to the injured.

Buzdar issued a second statement condemning the explosion and promising that those guilty will be apprehended and justice would be served. This action is intended to destabilize the law-and-order situation. Those responsible for the explosion will not be able to avoid the law’s grasp.

Moreover, the deputy commissioner of Lahore asked the civil defense officials to investigate the incident, shortly after it occurred.

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Written by Hijab Mohi Ud Din

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