Dangerous Stunts with Girls Landed Him in Prison

Dangerous Stunts with Girls

The Lahore Police Department detained a young bike enthusiast on Thursday after his videos of dangerous stunts with girls went viral on social media.

The arrested person has been named as Shahnawaz, who has admitted to endangering himself and people around him, according to the spokesperson, who also stated that a FIR has been filed against him under relevant sections of the applicable legislation, and that further investigation is continuing.

According to a spokeswoman for the Lahore Police, the kid was detained on the orders of DIG Operation, Dr. Abid Khan, who had noticed various complaints against the suspect on social media sites.

Never has a generation been more preoccupied with becoming the center of attention as Generation Z. Making issues worse, easy access to platforms allows anyone to become an overnight sensation.

The same can be said for Shahnawaz alias Chota Bacha, who became a social media celebrity a few weeks ago after posting a video on his various social media accounts of him doing one-wheeling and other high-speed maneuvers with a girl seated on the bike.

Within hours, the video had racked up hundreds of millions of views, and his fan base exploded. He continued his stunts, putting himself and others in danger, in order to preserve his celebrity, which ultimately landed him in prison.

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