FIA has Launched Investigation Against TikToker Hareem Shah

FIA investigation against Hareem SHAH

Famous TikToker Hareem Shah mostly gets viral due to her bold statements and controversial videos. But this time she got in trouble because of her video. In this video, she boasts of herself shifting a heavy amount of British currency from Pakistan to London. She says that she was not checked by anyone and anywhere. She traveled from Jinnah International Airport Karachi to London. So, FIA opened an investigation against Hareem Shah.

Soon after her claim on social media of smuggling British currency her video got viral. Resultantly, Federal Investigation Agency and Pakistan Customs authorities have opened an investigation against Hareem Shah on money laundering. Moreover, FIA has asked the British National Crime Agency for action. 

Later, Hareem Shah denied her claim of smuggling British currency saying that her previous video was a prank and she had not done something wrong.

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However, keeping in view her claim Federal Investigation Agency Sindh enquire about the matter. They enquired the Jinnah International Airport Karachi staff and found that she departed from the airport without any protocol. FIA Launched an investigation against Hareem Shah.

Besides, TikTok artist Hareem Shah’s real name is Fizza Hussain and the same name was mentioned on her passport. So, through all security counters, she was passed.

Although, investigators enquired the airport security why the deployed staff did not ask Hareem Shah about the amount of money she was carrying. So, Customs authorities said the negligent staff will also be accountable regarding this case. Further investigation is in progress.

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