A Pakistani’s Chai Ada in London Allow You to Pay in Crypto

Chai Ada in London

A young Pakistani entrepreneur has opened the first coffee shop in the United Kingdom that accepts different cryptocurrencies as payment.

Tayyab Shafiq, 26, has opened “Chai Ada” in Shepherds Bush, West London, which serves a variety of tea tastes as well as Pakistani and Asian foods such as parathas, biryani, kebabs, and rolls.

The Chai Ada, which is decorated with truck art and located directly next to the White City Bus terminal, has been an instant popularity.

The cafe’s ceiling is covered in Pakistani truck art, umbrellas, chairs, and tables have been brought in from Lahore, and patrons can play Ludo at each table.

Image: The News

Shafiq made waves in the UK earlier this year when he established a biryani café inside a bank in London.

Shafiq previously made waves in the United Kingdom when he built a biryani café in a red iconic London phone box.

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Due to regulatory concerns, he eventually had to sell the business because the local council and authorities in charge of English heritage sites wouldn’t let him continue.

He’s now come up with yet another one-of-a-kind effort, this time on a far greater scale.

Customers at Chai Ada can pay for tea and other treats with digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Verge, Litecoin, and Horizon.

Shafiq has created an app for the purpose that is linked to Chai Ada and allows payments to be done instantaneously from Crypto wallet accounts in British Pounds. Cryptocurrencies are fraught with dangers, and several regulated international financial organizations have advised against their usage, but the use of these currencies is on the rise.

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Shafiq acknowledged that there are hazards, but he believes that this is the way of the future. “We must consider the future.” Crypto, in my opinion, is the way of the future. It’s here to stay, and it’s already proving to be effective. It has now become a fact. When I started Chai Ada, I believed that Crypto, NFT, and the Metaverse (digital world) were the way of the future, and I just wanted to do my part to encourage people to adopt cryptocurrencies.”

If they buy an NFT (non-fungible token), the café owner says he will give them 10% off their orders for the rest of their lives.

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