What’s the secret behind Red, Black, and Dead eye coffee?

Red, Black, and Dead eye coffee?

When it comes to coffee, undoubtedly 90 percent of us love and prefer to drink coffee which is a good deal. Like our different aspects and perceptions, we also have our different purpose of drinking or having a cup of coffee. 

Like some of us prefer to take a strong cup of coffee especially when they have to work in late hours, or study in late-night times, whereas, some of us love to drink a cappuccino or chocolate creamy coffee along with their friends, family,  in their chit chat hours and so on. 

But apart from this, there are still some other types and flavors of coffee that people demand and prefer to drink in their casual and odd timings. So today in this article, I try my level best to tell you some interesting and hidden facts and types of coffee that might be new for some people.

So without any wastage of time, let’s get the ball roll and unveil some other hidden coffee types with its benefits and facts.

Red Eye Coffee

Well, how many of you guys are aware of this red eye coffee? I know there are few and for the majority, this is somehow a new name as this is not so common or highly demand able like the creamy, strong, and cappuccino coffee. So what’s a red eye coffee drink

Continue this tail; another name of red eye coffee is the shot in the dark or the eye-opener. This red eye coffee mostly drinks in the USA that is why it is also well-known by the name of American style coffee. 

The thing that makes this red-eye coffee unique from others is its topped brewed strong espresso shot. One of the benefits which people like or you can say the reason behind this drink to consider is because it helps to keep you awake for a long time. 

Like if you are the person who doesn’t prefer a black/ dark coffee but want something strong that keeps you awake for a long time then this red eye coffee is one of the perfect considerations for you to pick. It has an espresso shot that means it comes up with a mixture/ combination of strong and a flavor brewed form which I think is not a bad deal. 

Students can try this red-eye coffee in their exams, research, and late hours study time. Rest about the caffeine so it has around 9mg caffeine (as per an average/ normal cup estimation) which is quite better from other strong drinks. 


  • Gives you mental alertness
  • Prevents you from dizziness


  • An excessive drink may lead you towards insomnia 
  • Restlessness 
  • Hazardous during pregnancy 
  • Increase acidity/ ulcer
  • Lead you towards cancer
  • Stomach inflammation 

Black eye coffee

After the red-eye coffee drink, the next name which creates a fuss in people’s minds is the black eye coffee. Now, what’s a black eye coffee drink? And at what times you can drink this black eye coffee. 

The logic behind this is simple: there isn’t any rocket science hidden in this drink. The only difference between the red-eye coffee and the black eye coffee is the topped shot. 

In black eye coffee drink, you can get two shots of espresso that is why it is also known as hammerhead, autobahn, dark shot, and sling blade. Rest, about the taste, so, due to the two shots of espresso it gives you a strong, bitter, and intense espresso taste/ flavor. The color of this drink is black or dark brown. This black eye coffee drink can be served in iced, hot, and cold styles depending on the demands. 


  • Beneficial for lungs, heart, and kidneys but make sure you are not drinking it excessively as every drink has some of its limit criteria and when you cross that limit so it will automatically lead you towards some serious and severe issues which are not good for your mental and physical health
  • Refresh your mind
  • Strength your mood
  • Prevents you from dizziness
  • Alert your mind


  • Anxiety disorder 
  • Insomnia 
  • Restlessness
  • Nervousness
  • High blood pressure
  • Stomach issues/ pains
  • Osteoporosis (thinning bones)
  • Bowel irritable syndrome

Dead eye coffee

Dead eye coffee

Last but not least is the dead eye coffee. So what if I say that this is somehow the natural evolution of the red or black eye coffee? Indeed it is without any asking. In the red eye you get a one/ single shot, on the other hand, in the black eye you get two espresso shots but can you guys guess how many shots you can get in this dead eye? 

Three (3) Yes three, dead eye drink comes up with an extra whopping three shots of espresso that is why it is known as a dead-eye drink/coffee. Additionally about the taste of this drink, so it has a bitter, hardcore, and strong taste. 

So if you are workaholic or need to keep your mind alert and want to avoid sleep for so many long hours then this is the best deal for you to consider. 

You can get this dead deal drink in starbucks too by the name of Venti dead eye and Grande dead eye. So if you haven’t tried it yet but keen to try this drink then try the Venti or Grande dead starbucks drink it will for sure give you a high shot. 

The only difference between the Venti and Grande are ounces. Venti is big so it has a tall size 20 ounces strongest taste whereas; Grande gives you a 16 ounces coffee to espresso ratio. 

Despite the star bucks, you can also get this dead eye drink from any other coffee shop/bar. But make sure that you are picking the size according to your stamina as this drink undoubtedly kicks your heart and mind so fast.


  • Boost your stamina
  • Helps to keep you awake for long night hours
  • Increase your strength level
  • Keeps you awake
  • Increase your mind alertness


  • Excessive consumption may lead you towards a blurred vision
  • Increase your sugar or blood level
  • If you have high cholesterol then this is not the right deal for you to consider
  • Excessive drinking may lead you towards any severe heart pain/ attacks/ issues
  • Restlessness 
  • Insomnia
  • Increase your anxiety 
  • Not good for pregnant woman’s and children
  • Increase your heartbeat or may lead you towards arrhythmias

Final Words

Hope after reading this you can easily differentiate between the red, black, and dead eye coffee and pick the one for your night hours wisely. 

Except this, if you think something is missing or you want to know anything else related to the red, black, and dead eye coffee then feel free to bug me. 

I would love to trigger your queries and try my best to come up with some relevant considerations and answers.

What do you think?

Written by Amjad Akram

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