Sakina Samo Boycotts The Crown Because of Humayun Saeed

Sakina samo boycotts The Crown

After appearing in Bollywood our Pakistani actors either get famous or face the music for accepting roles in the Indian showbiz industry. Our Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed had to face the same kind of situation. But the thing is that he is not criticized for being a part of any Bollywood project He is criticized for playing the role of Dr. Hasnat Khan in The Crown. Sakina samo boycotts The Crown because of Humayun Saeed. The Crown is a Netflix Series about British Royal Family.

The leading character of the drama serial Mere Paas Tum Ho is going to play Diana’s Mr. wonderful role in this Netflix series. Dr. Hasnat was a British-Pakistani surgeon of heart and lung. He is famous for his romantic relationship with Diana. This relationship lasted for two years. It is said that Princess Diana used to call him Mr. Wonderful. Besides, she visited the family of Mr. wonderful in Lahore in 1996. Moreover, it is said by Diana’s friend that Dr. Hasnat was the love of her life and she suffered great distress when he ended their relationship.

After the announcement of the above-mentioned news, Humayun Saeed made the headlines and there was a lot of astonishment. Humayun Saeed in The Crown is Many people from the showbiz industry. Congratulated him for this including Mahira khan. But some people showed their disagreement with this announcement.

They tweeted their thoughts against casting Humayun Saeed in The Crown series. Sakina Samo boycotts The crown because of Humayun Saeed in The Crown as a Dr. Hasnat khan. Samo voted in favor of Fawad Khan saying that he is a more perfect cardiologist. She adds Humayun Saeed does not look like Hasnat Khan and refuses to watch The Crown series just because of Humayun Saeed casting.

After Sakina Samo’s harsh words Ahmed Ali Butt came forward and posted why we are unable to appreciate others success and why we are so hateful to others. He said that He prayed that may Allah soften our hearts to appreciate and love others.

After this many people posted in support of Humayun Saeed’s casting in The Crown.

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