Taliban Forces Fired Pepper Spray at a Group of Women

Taliban forces fired pepper spray

The day Taliban forces took the control of Afghanistan was a game-changer. Not only International community was astonished but the people of Afghanistan were also in shock. Many people of Afghanistan tried to escape and the whole of Afghanistan was in a panic. Women were to be the most affected group under the govt. of Taliban. So, the same happened.

Recently it happened that Taliban forces used pepper spray at a group of protesters in Afghanistan’s capital. That group of women protesters was demanding their rights of education and work. Actually, after taking control of Afghanistan Taliban has imposed many restrictions on people of Afghan and more than others on women.

To protest against the unjustified restrictions and demand their basic rights, 20 women assembled outside of Kabul University and raised slogans demanding justice and equality. They were carrying posters of women’s education.

Soon Taliban fighters arrived and make the protesters disperse. One protestor of that group told that pepper spray was fired at them. Her eyes started to burn because of this and she cried shame on you on one of the fighters. On this, he pointed his gun at the girl. Other protesters on asking told that pepper spray made many women suffer badly as that spray burned their eyes and face due to allergic reactions.

Besides, many rallies that were out for demanding women’s rights were broken up forcefully by the Taliban.

Taliban after coming into power has stopped women from work and many secondary schools and universities are not reopened for the girls. All these things are imposed on Afghan women. They are made deprived of jobs and education.

Moreover, a woman is not allowed to go on a trip without a close male relative. Even channels are warned not to broadcast any serial consisting of a female actor.

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