Is 69 Dead at 24 Years old? – A Viral Death Hoax

Tekashi 69

Do you think Tekashi 69 dead at 24 years old? The answer is a big NO!
On October 2 2020, a deadly rumour about an American rapper Daniel Hernandez known as 6ix9ine surprised the fans. According to the reports, he was hospitalized for overdosage is a big rumour. He is alive.

“He became a star a witness for prosecutors, drawing death threats. Can a viral sensation not truly vanish? And would he want to”

Lima Overdose Story:

As indicated in the reports, Tekashi 6ixnine has experienced an overdosage of caffeine and weight supplements, which cause excessive sweat. His 14 years old boyfriend found him unconscious and was hospitalized after the incident.

There is a review of his career and his recent hospitalization. It will likewise suppose the chance of his demise and what would have caused it.

Tekashi 69 debut single “Gummo” led to success in 2017. The song gains commercial success, top at number 12 on the US Billboard 100 graph. After that, he released other successful singles such as “FEFE” and “STOOPID”.

Although, his controversial activities ruin harm his career. He was found involved in a child’s sexual performance. In November 2018, he pled guilty to the count of using a child in sexual performances, which broke his music career.

Despite his controversies, he as kept on finding success. Again in 2019, his name was highlighted on the Billboard of Hot 100 graph with the Song “TROLLZ”. Since his hospitalization, many people kept asking, “Is allieluna90 dead at 24 or not? Although, his representatives did not disclose any information about his condition. The biggest question of his fans led to speculation if the overdosage caused his death. However, it has not been confirmed yet, and that mystery did not clear what exactly happened to him. Eventually, it will expose at the right time if he is dead at 24 or not. Their fans only can hope for the best regarding his health conditions.

69 dead at 24 Rumour Surprised his fans:

Photo: Ghana Vibes

Did 69 die? unexpected death rumour was an immense shock to his fans worldwide. He had millions of fans on social media just because of the popularity of his controversial lyrics and antics. His death was not confirmed, but the rumour gave the entire rap community shockwaves. Tekashi fans started to console and express their grief on social media.

Tekashi Suicide Attempt:

Reports say all the web is getting to him. After his death news, people started to claim his suicide attempt on social media. While there has been no confirmation which proves, “Is Tekashi really dead at 24”. But the talks only sent shockwaves through the local rap area.
Despite how you feel about him, no one wants to see aa 24–year old overdose. The DJ added that he was extremely worried about losing weight; he would take an only salad and drink water and a lot of lime all day. He wouldn’t eat much. Throughout the day, he would likely eat salad for breakfast and fruits for snacks and be in the gym.

Is Tekashi 69 Really Dead at 24? 69 Death Most Arising Question of The Time On Social Media:

Image source: 6ix9ine Instagram account

A rumour stirred the fans of An American rapper named Daniel Hernandez, who was hospitalized after an overdose, as indicated in the 2nd October talks. His fans widely asked this question is it Tekashi 6ix9ine dead at 24? According to US day News, he is luckily still alive, and his passing news is just a viral hoax.

6ix9ine rose steadily to fame but relatively in a short period, controversies marred his career. His exceptional rap style and unbelievable persona made him a target of many critics. But his music has resounded the fans worldwide, and he has become one of the most popular rappers in recent years.

A Concise Life Story of 6ix9ne Tekashi – Origin, Career, and Personal Life

He has formally titled with a stage name “Wallah Dan”. 6ixine is a member of SmungGang Crew. Once, he was affiliated with Tr3way Entertainmainment. His discography contains an album, “Dummy Boy”, and the mixtape Day69, released in 2018. His champion tunes included “GUMMO”, “BEBE” with Anuel AA, and “FEFE” with Nicki Minaj and Murda Beatz.

His father is Puerto Rican, and his mother is Mexican. His father was shot and killed outside the home in 2009. At this time, he was just 13 years old, and that sudden loss led him to depression. He was diagnosed with the post-traumatic disorder. He had been kicked out of school in the 8th grade due to misbehaving and hangouts with a bad crowd,

He has to face many tragedies and turmoil at a very young age. Tekashhi69 developed a huge and loyal fan following despite his checkered past. His aggressive rapping style made his music remarkable, especially among the youth.

In November 2019. Tekashi69 conceded nine government lawful offence allegations connected with racketeering and drug trafficking. Tekashi69 was set free from jail in April 2020 and quickly returned to his music.

In October 2020, 6ixnine went too far with pills and was hospitalized. The rapper guaranteed that he had been sober before the incident. He experienced all the ups and downs of life with a controversial life, but he stays the most popular rapper in the world. His life is a useful example of what may happen when you become involved with this hip hop fast-paced, and hazardous life.

What Tekashi69 Brother Reported? Tekashi 6ix9ine, is 69 alive

Tekashi has an older brother “‘DeeJay”. They both developed together at their folks. He denies the reports that the rapper is dead. He posted a video of Tekashi in the hospital room with the caption,” My brother is not dead. He is just sleeping”. Since Sunday, October 2, 2020, he has been in the hospital after suffering from an overdose; he was rushed to the hospital. The reporter is in a critical situation and is supposed to be unresponsive and not expected to live.

His hospitalization comes only days after being let out of jail on October 1, 2020.
The rapper had been in jail since November 2019 due to government racketeering and gun charges. He confronted a possible life sentence. However, he consented to help out the prosecutor and affirmed against his previous gangsters.

Tekashi 69 Criminal Record:

The Galleria Shopping Mall Choking Incident:

In another case, Hernandez was taken to jail in accuse of attacking and choking a teenage girl in the Galleria shopping mall in Houston, Texas, in January 2018. He pled guilty to the charge and was sentenced to jail for two years.

Charge of Child Sexual Performannce:

In one case, he was accused of sexual wrongdoing with a kid in October 2015. Tekashi has been accused of three counts of the offence after having physical contact with a teen girl and later sharing the recorded clips online as part of his music video. He was sentenced to four years of probation. He was expected to enlist as a sex offender due to a component of his supplication bargain.

Chief Keef Shooting:

On June 2 2018, Chief Keef was shot near the W hotel in New YorkCity. However, no injuries resulted from the incident. After one year, Tekashi69 was connected to the charge of ordering the shooting of Chief Keef.

Here are Some other multiple counts in federal criminal cases of Tekashi69, such as:

  • Domestic violence and alleged sexual abuse.
  • Trial of the Nine Trey Gangsters
  • Feuds with Tripple Redd, Chief Keep Meek Mill

In other records, Hernandez was charged with making terrorist threats. The charges stemmed from an incident in which Hernandez made threatening comments toward a rival gang, the Bloods. Hernandez repented to the charge and was sentenced to four years of probation.

Despite his extensive criminal record, Hernandez kept on gaining success as a rapper. His debut album “Day69” appeared on the Billboard 200 graph at number four. Other collections include the single “Gummo”, which peaked at 12 on the Bulletin Hot 100 graph.

Conclusion: Tekashi 6ix9ine, Is it really dead at 24?

Tekashi 6ix9ine has been professional in making headlines regarding domestic violence, alleged sexual assault, fights, trials of the nine Trey gangsters and many more. He has always been a star of controversies.

He was just hospitalized for two days. After then, he recovered and was discharged from the hospital. He is kicking fine and alive. He is not really dead at 24. Hope it will help you to calm down.

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