The Game Addict Murdered His Own Family in Lahore

Game Addict Murdered His Own Family

It is said excess of everything is bad. Especially the excess of video games is proving fatal. Many young people are getting addicted to games which consist of violence and bloodshed. Resultantly, dire consequences of such addictions are cropping up in different parts of the world. A recent incident happened in Lahore, Pakistan. After being instructed to quit playing, a PUBG addict in Lahore murdered his own family. The event was revealed today by police after they solved the murder of a woman doctor and her three children, whose bullet-riddled bodies were discovered in their home in Gajjumata, Lahore.

On January 19, the family’s bodies were discovered, and an inquiry was immediately launched. Dr. Naheed Malik who was 40-year-old, was identified as the mother of two daughters and a boy. Mahnoor who was 1 year old, Jannat Fatima who was 8-year-old, and Taimur who was 21-year-old were the children.

According to the authorities, the murderer was the lady doctor’s own son Zain. After being advised to quit playing the famous battle royale game, the PUBG addict murdered his own mother and three siblings.

 In April of last year, a teenage PUBG junkie in Lahore killed his brother, sister, sister-in-law, and a friend after his family ordered him not to play the online game. After a heated argument over a video game, the murderer opened fire on the unfortunate people.

There is a need to do away with such terrible incidents where innocent people could lose their lives at the hands of terrible game addicts.

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