Witty Saba Qamar’s says about “Qubool Hai”

Saba Qamar

Her Instagram bio says that she is ‘fiery, unshrinkable, and humane’. Of course, she is. However, mostly she gets highlighted for her bold and witty responses and expressions. Besides, she performed many likewise challenging characters. Like her character in the drama “Cheekh, “Baaghi”, “Besharam” depicts the person in conflict with social norms, traditions, and frustrating culture. Moreover, her Indian movie “Hindi Medium” also implies her different and challenging character preferences. Perhaps, she is the person who is more concerned with being honest in the expression of her thoughts than giving a thought to society’s typical norms and customs.

That’s the reason her name keeps appearing in Showbiz news. The recent reason for her being part of highlighted Showbiz News is her response to an online wedding proposal

The story is, Saba Qamar’s fan proposed to her saying that he wanted to marry her at 50 and he is serious about this proposal. In return, Saba Qamar’s response was as usual witty and amusing. She answered that the words ‘I do’ do not suit her. Her real words were:

The reason, her answer got so much limelight is her recent break up with Azeem Khan. Her fiancé, Azeem Khan was accused of harassment by a girl. To explain himself, in his video he answered the allegations and said people are spreading false news. He said that there is no truth about such rumors and whoever is ruining his life with false accusations should be ashamed of this.

But after this Saba Qamar broke up with Azeem Khan.  Although Azeem Khan was optimistic about their relationship. So, her reply to her fan’s wedding proposal has been supposed a pun. Keeping in view her previous relationship with her fiancé, Azeem Khan.

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